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  • This is the fifth generation of the Aeropro racket. It has constantly been improved to offer its signature power and topspin.The Woofer system is the first technology to enable the frame and strings to interact each and every time a player hits the ball. It provides 25% longer ball-string contact time, with more sensation and greater precision. Concentrated at 3 and 9 clock positions on the string bed, is the combination of carbon and stiff Tungsten fibres that make the racket twice as stable as standard carbon frames, for less torque and more precision.

    Specification:. Head size: 100 sq inch. Weight: 240g. Balance point: 310 mm. Length: 25 inch.

  • The Babolat Nadal Junior Tennis Racket is an aluminum frame modelled after Rafael Nadal's racket. Designed to allow younger players to feel inspired by mimicking their hero on court combined with a rounded experience to help them develop an all-round game and give them the confidence to grow. Specification: Head size: 85in sq. Weight: 175g. Length: 21in.

  • Ideal for those aged for three years and up this is a tennis racket that aids development. Babolat give their junior products a colour depending on the stage the user should be at; starting at red for beginners amber for intermediates and green for those close to adult levels. This is red.Memo Grip offer a quick visual reference for children to remember correct hand positions. It is a great teaching tool for instructors and an convenient way for students to learn the best way to hold their racket for different strokes and shots. Specification: Weight: 149g. Length: 17in.

Results: 1 - 3 (of 3)
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