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  • This Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini flip case is a sleek and funky way to keep your handset protected.

    The tough material will protect it from any knocks of bumps and the flip front design will keep the screen free from scratches and scrapes.

    This cover has a slim design to ensure you get complete protection without any unnecessary bulk, while cut away sections give you full use of the camera, controls and media ports.

    The light blue colour is a funky way to add plenty of personality too, making this case a practical and eye-catching way to ensure your phone stays looking great.

    Useful info:

    • Designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
    • Flip cover design
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini flip case - light blue

  • This attractive Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini leather flip case is ideal for keeping your handset safe and secure.

    The thin style complements the sleek design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini without adding extra bulk. The tough leather material protects it from any bumps or knocks while the flexible rubber edge gives it extra durability.

    The flip front design means you can keep your screen clean and scratch free, so whether it's in your pocket or bag, your handset will be well protected.

    Useful info:

    • Designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
    • Flip cover style
    • Leather material
    • Flexible rubber bumper
    • Dimensions: 126 x 67 x 9 mm
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini leather flip case

  • Replaces the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to provide full screen protection without additional bulk. Protect the front of your Samsung Galaxy S3 from scratches, scrapes and front-on impacts with the official flip cover. This cover clips onto the back of your device thanks to a flexible rubber bumper without adding any bulk, and then folds over the front when not in use. This means that the most important part of the phone, the screen, is protected from harm without the added thickness and weight normally associated with flip cases. Durable construction offers premium protection for your screen.

    Made from high quality synthetic materials, this flip cover will keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 screen looking good as new. The cover is tough enough to withstand day-to-day punishment without blemishing, so both your phone and cover will stay looking sharp for longer. Official Samsung accessory made for the Galaxy S3. This is an official Samsung product, so is made to the highest standards with the best quality materials. It is designed specifically for use with the Samsung Galaxy S3, so offers a perfect fit, and does not impede the use of any of the functions such as the power and volume buttons, headphone and charging ports, or front and rear cameras.

    Colour: Mint Green.
  • Supertooth Buddy Visor Kit SuperTooth, pioneer of the user-friendly, Bluetooth speaker phone concept for car sun visors, is introducing the Buddy! Boasting an incredibly compact, sleek contemporary design (128 x 49 x 13 mm), and offering 20 hours talk time and 1000 hours standby time; the 'Buddy' is set to be every driver's best friend.

    Firstly, Buddy is hassle-free and easy to use - there are no tricky installation processes, as thanks to full auto pairing, this car kit will automatically pair with the latest Bluetooth 2.1 enabled handsets. Phones using previous Bluetooth specifications can also be connected - all you have to do is initiate the standard pairing process This car kit is also intelligent - with its auto connect function, you can leave the device switched on and when you return to your vehicle a short time later, Buddy will instantly recognise and reconnect to your mobile as soon as you open your car door.

    Buddy's soft, supple microphone covering and powerful speaker ensure top notch sound quality, as voices are both picked up and emitted more clearly. This device also enables you to connect to 2 mobile phones simultaneously - practical if you have both a personal and a professional mobile. With its magnetic clip, the Buddy can quickly be attached to your car's sun visor for easy access.

    Charging is also made simple thanks to the handy USB cable charger provided. In Car Holder Drive safe, stay legal. Ensure your handset is secure whilst driving, with this universal suction holder. The phone holder has a long arm which enables you to attach it to either a windscreen or a flat surface in the car and the adjustable angle of the holder ensures that you can see your phone safely whilst driving.

  • Overview: Know what's happening with you, instantly: Your sleep, your activity, what you're eating. A way to quickly check in with your progress and see what your friends are up to.

    Sleep: The sleep mode in UP tracks small movements while you're asleep. You can see hours slept, time to fall asleep, light vs. deep sleep and waking moments. UP even lets you set a Smart Alarm that wakes you up silently at the time that leaves you feeling most refreshed.

    Activity: The precision motion detection system in UP tracks every move, capturing a complete record of your day's activity. A Stopwatch Mode lets you mark specific active periods so you can see how everything from going for a run to walking the dog contributes to reaching your goals.

    Food and Drink: Take a photo of your food, scan a barcode, browse the image gallery in UP or search the ingredient database to record what you eat and drink. Whether you choose to go deep with detailed nutritional information or simply keep a visual record of your meals, UP makes it fun and easy to keep track of your choices. Tracking your food has never been so easy.

    Everyday Life: UP was designed to fit seamlessly in people's lives. It's a thoughtful combination of engineering and design, custom-made for how we live. UP is both flexible and strong. It has to be strong enough to stand up to the rough and tumble of life without a problem (or a few thousand showers). Day and night, UP is right there with you.

    Size guide: See the size guide to determine which UP band is right for you. Small: 14-15.5 cm. Medium: 15.5-18 cm. Large: 18-20 cm

    Colour: Black, Blue.
  • This Samsung Galaxy S3 D200BE desk charging dock is designed to hold your phone at the perfect angle for browsing the internet and watching movies.

    With a micro USB it also charges your handset and is ideal for using your Samsung Galaxy S3 as an alarm clock.

    The 3.5 mm audio line-out connection means you can use this charging dock to link your handset with your home speakers, so you can listen to all of your music, recordings and YouTube clips with high-quality audio.

    Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3 it cradles your smartphone perfectly for quick and easy charging.

    Useful info:

    • Designed for the Samsung S3
    • Standard micro USB input
    • 3.5 mm audio line-out connection
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 D200BE Desk Charging Dock

  • Pretty and practical this Samsung Galaxy S3 opaque TPU shell case is a quick way of keeping your handset safe.

    It simply clips on to the back of your smartphone for instant protection from casual bumps and drops. Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S2 this case has cut away sections to give you full access to the camera, controls and ports.

    The attractive opaque finish makes this Samsung case a sleek and stylish way to keep your handset scuff free and looking great.

    Useful info:

    • Designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Hard case design
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 opaque TPU shell case

  • Protect your handset from everyday knocks and scrapes with this Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case in marble white.

    The flip front design means your smartphone is completely enclosed to keep it safe and secure when it's in your bag, pocket or briefcase.

    It also means the screen is kept clean and scratch free to ensure your handset stays looking great.

    Designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3 there are cut away sections to give you full access to the camera, controls and media ports.

    Useful info:

    • Designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Flip cover design
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case - marble white

    Colour: Marble White.
  • This attractive and practical Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini leather flip case will help to keep your handset safe and secure without any unnecessary bulk.

    This case fits to the black of your smartphone, replacing the back cover, for a sleek design that complements the slim style of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

    The tough leather material will keep it safe from any bumps or knocks and the vibrant yellow colour is a fun addition to your handset.

    With a flip front design it's also the perfect way to keep your screen clear and scratch free.

    Useful info:

    • Designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S3 Min
    • Replaces the back cover
    • Leather material
    • Flip front design
    • Dimensions: 126 x 67 x 9 mm
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini flip case

  • The BubbleScope is an optical lens attachment that works with the camera on your Samsung Galaxy S III together with the FREE BubblePix App, to instantly capture the 360° world around you in a single image or video.

    The BubbleScope comes with a special Samsung Galaxy S III case that connects the BubbleScope to your phone and aligns it precisely with the camera.

    The case is smart, discrete and protects your iPhone when the BubbleScope is not connected. Just clip on your BubbleScope, hit record and get going! The BubbleScope has a compact design with retractable high quality glass optics. This ensures you get the best quality Bubbles and also protects the optics when not in use. It also makes it easy to carry so it's with you when you want it, fitting nicely in your pocket so you never have to leave it at home!

    The BubbleScope comes with a neoprene protection pouch that has an integrated cleaning cloth. With each Bubblescope you get a FREE BubblePix App and a FREE user account on to cloud store your Bubbles and share them with the world using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

    Samsung Galaxy S III not included.

    Colour: Black.
  • This handy little eKit USB/Memory Card OTG connection kit allows you to seamlessly connect up your Galaxy S3, S2 or Note to a number of other devices for maximum flexibility.

    This device simply plugs into your handset’s charging port to allow you to access data stored on standard and mini USBs, along with standard and micro SD cards. This means less cables and minimum fuss to transfer images, videos or music. You can even connect up a keyboard for easy typing.

    Ideal for transferring data from a hard drive, laptop, camera or PC across to your Samsung Galaxy S3, S2 or Note, this little kit is simple and easy to use.

    Useful info:

    • 4 in 1 connection kit
    • Includes a standard USB and SD card slots
    • Includes a mini USB and micro SD slots
    • Suitable for Samsung Galaxy S3, S2 and Note
    • eKit USB/Memory Card OTG multi connection kit

  • Mydoohdah Screen Protector for the Samsung S3 (Pack Of 2) to protect your smartphone screen from dust and scratches.

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