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  • Hardcover Edition with bonuses.

    Premium metallic hardcover treatments, upgraded 80# paper, special insert*, and exclusive Q&A with Respawn Entertainment (reformed company that originally created the Call of Duty series).

    Professional gamer expertise - The guide content was created by professional sponsored gamers with multiple championships, years of multi-player expertise and e-sports, and a large social media following. They're excited to bring their strategies and teach combat techniques to help players of all levels succeed.

    Hammond Robotics Insert* - Inside a 7 x 10 inch custom envelope marked with a Hammond Robotics logo are three 2-sided lithographs made to look like they came from the fictional company in the game, Hammond Robotics, showing amazing artwork of the Titans with back story and technical information like you'd find in an upscale sales brochure.

    Huge hype and marketing campaign - A Microsoft exclusive title with benefits from a marketing machine of Microsoft, EA and Respawn Entertainment (original creators of Call of Duty) pushing the title.

    Free mobile friendly eGuide - The print guide comes with access to an enhanced eGuide offering updates, tutorial videos, and more... all optimised for a second screen experience.

  • Limited Edition hardcover featuring unique cover art designed exclusively to match the limited edition game. Over 30 pages of exclusive content come packed in with the Limited Edition including concept art, developer interviews, and a behind the scenes studio tour. In collaboration with the developer Prima designed an all new extended story roadmap that unlocks every plot line and side mission available to deliver the full experience in the most anticipated new franchise of the year.

    The newly developed Achievement Hunter chapter delivers analysis of all weapons and equipment, extensively detailed maps and complete Achievement and Trophy lists to reach the coveted 100% completion.

Results: 1 - 2 (of 2)
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