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  • Register a Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 3DS system and a new game by January 13th 2014 to claim a FREE download of Super Mario 3D Land. For the full range of titles and to register please visit

    Players take on the role of a hunter and are sent to explore a settlement within the Monster Hunter universe, completing quests on their journey to seek and slay monsters whilst improving their skills and earning equipment upgrades. With many challenging monsters and over 200 quests the latest edition to the series is set to be the most expansive offering to date. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate utilises the functionalities of the Wii U console and Nintendo 3DS system to provide players with a truly intuitive hunting experience. The touchscreen feature of both platforms allows players to quickly access in-game books, weapons, field maps and mini games whilst the high quality graphics of Wii U and 3D visuals of Nintendo 3DS powered by the latest iteration of Capcom's MT Framework deliver a unique and stunning world for players to explore. Taking advantage of the portability of Nintendo 3DS, players can exchange their guild card that contains all their hunter's information with other players via StreetPass.

  • Take the fight against evil to a whole new level in the real and virtual worlds with Power Rangers Megaforce for Nintendo 3DS.

    Morph into your favourite Megaforce Ranger and unlock incredible 3D action while fending off enemy encounters with powerful martial arts combat moves.

    For even more incredible action you can even power up your rangers by scanning official Power Rangers Power Cards - with 10 exclusive trading cards included with the game.

    The rangers will guide and support you through each challenging mission but you’ll need all your skills to defeat the bad buys!

    Useful info:

    • Power Rangers Megaforce
    • Includes 10 trading cards
    • Scan the cards to unlock your Power Ranger potential
    • Suitable for age 12 and above

    WARNING: Use of the 3D feature by children aged 6 and under may cause vision damage. It is recommended that only children over 6 should use the system in 3D mode. If children aged 6 and under have access to the system, parents or legal guardians should restrict 3D images using the Parental Controls feature.

    Age from 12 years.

Results: 1 - 2 (of 2)
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