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  • La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare.

    An extraordinary, transformative experience. Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is the height of luxury. From the first touch, it's a total immersion. La Prairie went to the ends of the earth to uncover the most beneficial ingredients for this cream. Colloidal platinum helps recharge skin's electrical balance, increasing its absorption of nourishing ingredients.

    Climate-activated hydration adjusts to changing humidity levels and skin's temperature, releasing moisture as needed by the skin. Applying the most advanced cellular science discoveries, this rejuvenating cream preserves skin texture and tone and restores a radiant glow. There is nothing else like it. The pinnacle of art, science and luxury.

    Useful info:

    • The most luxurious and skin-transforming anti-aging treatment product
    • Recharges the skin`s electrical balance, which improves its absorption of beneficial nutrients
    • Designed to enhance your skin's natural beauty, preserve its texture and tone, and restore its radiant glow
    • The absolute pinnacle of science and luxury!

  • This 9 carat white gold bridal set features a diamond solitaire twist ring with diamond in the shoulders and a beautiful fitted wedding ring with channel set diamonds. The engagement ring has a centre stone with a unique illusion setting which makes the daimond look bigger and the 10 shoulder stones are channel set to match the wedding ring. These rings are individually hand made by our craftsmen in the heart of the Birmingham jewellery quarter. Ring sizes: J - V.

Results: 1 - 2 (of 2)
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