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  • Place your Apptivity vehicle on the screen, and a upon vehicle detection, you get the first chance ever to drive and discover the HW Testing Facility where state of the art technology is used to develop crazy new stunts, fast cars, and test them out on the purpose built track. Your mission is to become a Team Hot Wheels driver! Directed from MATTEL APPTIVITY HUB to download Free App. 4 x Different vehicles are available, each deco ties back to Team Hot Wheels and feature vehicle-specific performance attributes (Green: Power Rev, Gold: Boneshaker, Red: Yur So Fast, Blue: Drift King) N.B. 1 x car supplied (style may vary)
  • Parrot Pile-Up is a pile of fun! Balance, nerve and a steady hand are required in this tropical-themed game of skill.

    Players carefully stack fruit and crates on the clumsy parrot's raft using a steady hand and give it a patient push to the next player. If the stack falls, the player doing the pushing picks up the pieces and must claim one. The first player to get rid of all his or her cargo wins!

    Difficulty can be modified by tilting the raft or leaving it level to accommodate multiple levels of skill. Includes 1 parrot, 1 raft, 20 stacking pieces and 4 cards. Age from 5 years.

Results: 13 - 14 (of 14)  |  Show all
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