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    Open coil 13.5 gauge spring unit mattress, quality damask cover, deep quilted finish, insulation pad to reduce spring feel and micro quilted border.

    Mattress depth: 20 cm. Medium firm feel. Low level pull put design.

    Lgth 190, W 90 cm.

  • Refresh Zoned Support Spring Mattress in Single, Small Double, Double and King sizes

    Refresh are experts at making mattresses that combine comfortable features with truly affordable prices, so you'll sleep twice as easy!

    This Zoned Support Spring mattress contains a Trizoned spring system, which has a greater number of springs in the middle portion, providing better levels of support and comfort for your hip and lumbar regions (the heaviest part of the body).

    The springs are surrounded by soft white polyester fillings, while an insulation pad helps stop 'spring feel'. Finished with a quality damask cover and deep quilting for a sumptuous feel you'll look forward to curling up on every night of the week.

    Available in Single, Small Double, Double and King sizes.

    Medium firm feel. Mattress depth: 19 cm

    Single: W 90, L 190 cm
    Small Double: W 120, L 190 cm
    Double: W 135, L 190 cm
    King: W 150, L 200 cm

    Useful info:

    • Refresh Zoned Support Spring mattress
    • Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King
    • Trizone spring system for better support in the hip and lumbar region
    • Insulator pad
    • Damask cover
    • Deep quiltings
    • Mattress depth: 19 cm

  • Refresh Faux Leather Headboard in Single, Double and King sizes

    Finish your divan or bed in style with this sumptuous headboard that's wrapped in fashionable faux leather and padded for extra comfort when sitting up in bed with your novel or newspaper.

    Available in black, chocolate or cream colour options, it's finished with elegant stitching detail and comes in Single, Double and King sizes.

    Headboard height: 109 cm; Depth: 4 cm
    Widths: Single 90 cm, Double 135 cm, King 150 cm

    Useful info:

    • Refresh faux leather headboard
    • Sizes: Single, Double, King
    • Black, chocolate and cream colours

    Colours: Black, Chocolate, Cream.
  • Refresh Metal Headboard in Single, Double and King sizes

    This modern metal headboard from Refresh has a chic design that will add elegance and style to any bed or divan.

    Available in sleek silver or shiny black gloss, you can choose from single, double and king sizes.

    Headboard height: 57 cm.
    Widths: Single 100, Double 144, King 156 cm.

    Useful info:

    • Refresh metal headboard
    • Available in single, double and king size
    • Black gloss or silver

    Colours: Black Gloss, Silver.
  • Refresh Breathable Memory Foam Mattress Topper in Single, Double and King sizes

    Memory foam conforms to the unique curves of your body, essentially 'personalising' your mattress topper so that you consistently get a more supportive night's sleep.

    Made from a temperature-sensitive, visco-elastane material, the breathable memory foam topper from Refresh has been designed with small holes in the foam to allow the circulation of air, keeping you cool.

    At 4 cm (1.5 inch) deep, this topper is the quick, easy way to rejuvenate a tired, lumpy mattress.

    Memory foam contour pillow (RQ017) or memory foam traditional pillow (RQ049) also available.

    Machine-washable velour cover.

    Useful info:

    • Refresh memory foam mattress topper
    • Total depth of 4 cm (1.5 inch)
    • Gently moulds to your shape
    • Small holes help air circulate
    • Cover is machine washable

    Cover: 75% cotton, 25% polyester. Bottom: Cotton. Hand wash only.
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