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  • Colour: Pink. Polyester. Machine washable.
  • This pack gives young bowlers the best opportunity to develop their craft, adapting their experience and skill with the ball used, each time you progress you use a higher standard of ball. First Ball: Low bounce tennis ball with a cricket seam which is an excellent first ball for children starting the game of cricket. Skills Ball: Weight and bounce as per a leather cricket ball but without the hardness. It features a durable stitched seam and is ideal for developing technique and confidence. Crown Match Ball: A 4 3/4oz leather cricket ball that conforms to MCC regulations and is hand made to exacting standards. Superior shape retention and true seams.

  • As a cricketer choosing the right protection will help you to feel secure and comfortable at the crease. Feeling comfortable will provide focus and allow you to concentrate on timing the ball so you can consistently break your highest score.The 202 offers great features which means good protection comfort and reliability at a great price. Its double wing GM protection suits both right and left-handed batsman making this a flexible choice. A wipe-clean facing with PVC instep material offers great comfort and extreme durability whilst knee and vertical internal bolsters ensure top protection.Colours: Blue, Grey, Red.
Results: 1 - 3 (of 3)
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