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  • Your baby will have no problems getting to sleep with the Slumber Bear Plus from Prince Lionheart!

    The Slumber Bear Plus was designed by a doctor and has been used in maternity wards for over 30years. The Slumber bear features a number of lullabies, white noise, womb sounds and ocean waves to help baby drift back off to sleep when they wake up through the night.

    Each Slumber Bear Plus comes complete with Silkie, the natural bonding aid that retains parents scent and reassures baby of their presence. The Sound box within Slumber Bear also has a 5 minute timer to save on batteries, with sound and motion sensors that reactivate recording from when baby cries or the sound box is moved. The sound box also has a recordable feature for parents!

    • Requires 4AAA Batteries
  • This Twister Rave Dance is an awesome update on the classic game and is ideal for getting your child burning plenty of energy.

    The console is placed in the centre, with four spots either side so your youngster can do battle with all of their friends. The console lights up and players have to move their feet as quickly as possible to hit the right spot or they’re out of the game!

    With fun songs to dance along to it provides hours of fun, and you can even plug in your MP3 Player so your youngster can get moving to all of their favourite tracks.

    Useful info:

    • Built in speakers and LED lights
    • Compatible with MP3 players
    • Follow the lights and move to the beat
    • Head-to-head or freestyle
    • Age from 8 years
    • Twister Rave Dance

Results: 1 - 2 (of 2)
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